Flu Clinics 2019

*** Please note... Flu clinics will be offered at both Pine Island school sites for children.  However, due to the elementary school being in Olmsted County and the 5-12 site being in Goodhue County, we have different agencies working with each county. 

ine Island Elementary School

Mayo Clinic and Olmsted Medical Center
School-Located Immunization Program 

2019 Season

Vaccinations will be given on the morning of October 8th, 2019.

This page has specific information about the 2019 school flu program for Olmsted County schools.

Reminder: Sign up ends September 11 at 11:00 pm. No exceptions!

Contact information for non-health questions about the program

Phone: 507-293-4800


Things to know before:

  • For Pine Island, we will only be vaccinating those students who attend Pine Island Elementary. For middle and high school students, please check with your school about vaccination opportunities at school through Goodhue Public Health.
  • The primary care clinic that you select on your signup form (Mayo Clinic or Olmsted Medical Center) will administer and bill for your child’s vaccine. If you select the incorrect clinic, you may receive a bill, due to out-of-network charges. Mayo Clinic and Olmsted Medical Center are not responsible for these changes.
  • If you sign up online, you will get an email reminder for your children’s school flu vaccination two days prior to their scheduled flu vaccination dates.
  • You will receive a confirmation by email for each child, immediately after signing up your children online. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact our program.
  • For parents who cannot access the online form, paper signup forms are available at the schools in both English and Spanish.
  • We offer reminder texts for middle/high school students for a limited number of carriers (Alltel, AT&T, Boost Mobile, Cricket, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon, and Virgin Mobile). Due to network restrictions, some texts may not be received. These students must be registered online to take part.
  • Please remind your children the day we come to the schools that they are signed up. Have your children wear tops that let us get to the upper arm if you are choosing the shot. 


Things to know day of:

  • Both the injectable and nasal spray (FluMist) will be available this year. We have learned there will be a shortage of the nasal spray flu vaccine. This means that it may not be available at your child’s school. In the event that the nasal spray is not available, if you choose your vaccine choice as “nasal spray only”, and we do not have it that day, your child will not be vaccinated at school.
  • We will offer non-medicated coolant spray and use distractions to ease the pain of a shot.
  • Our nurses may provide comfort holds to keep your child safe (just as they do at your clinic).
  • We cannot vaccinate parents, teachers, or preschool children.
  • There are no make-up days, and you may not take your child to a different school to get the vaccine.



Your child will NOT get the flu vaccine at school:

  • If you do not sign up online or turn in the paper form by September 11 at 11:00 pm.

  • If you do not answer all of the questions or if your answers contain incorrect information.

  • If your child is not at school that day or is at school but is sick with a fever.

  • If your child does not cooperate.


Pine Island Middle/High School:

Students in grades 5-12 will have an opportunity to receive Flu immunizations at the  PI Middle/High School on  NOVEMBER 7th.

The clinic will take place during the school day  for students in grades 5-12. Staff may also receive vaccinations during the school day.     

Community members, students, families, staff may also
receive the flu vaccination during the community clinic on November 7th from 3:30 pm-6:30 pm in the commons area.

Goodhue Co. Health & Human Services (HHS) and Pine Island Schools will be partnering with Homeland Health to provide flu vaccinations to students during school.  

Registration is required for students.

Online Registration Click Here for grades 5-12! Registration Now Open.

If you would like your child to receive a flu vaccination at school, please complete and submit one form for each child.   Paper copies are available upon request from the 5-12 health office. Online registration is preferred.

***Please note... Students will be called down by grade level.  Please have a conversation with your child about coming to the commons area when their grade level is called.  If your child does not come down, they will NOT be sought out by flu clinic staff and will therefore, not be vaccinated.  

Mayo Clinic Insurance: Please call your insurance number and ask if Homeland Health is in network.

Community members:  This flu clinic is open to the public for  anyone age 6 months and older (this includes staff, families, spouses, students, community members) on November 7th from 3:30-6:30 in the commons area.  Please plan to bring insurance card with to fill out form. 

Staff may receive the vaccination during the school day or after school.  Please fill out the same form as students. Plan on stopping in anytime the clinic is open.  You may either register online or fill out the paper copy at that time.

More information about flu vaccinations: