Hygiene & Maturation Classes

Hygiene Education
Date: End of April

4th Grade

Hygiene and Introduction to Puberty

Just Around the Corner video by Marsh Media

**Only a short clip is available online due to copy right laws.  Parents are welcome to schedule an appointment to see the videos. Below are the written summaries of what is said in each video.

Girl's Video Summary

Boy's Video Summary

Maturation Education
Date: End of May

5th Grade

Puberty Lesson- Students will have lesson based upon their gender. Lesson followed from the P & G School Program.

Link Always Changing and Growing Up 5th grade puberty education unit videos (boy & girl video) and teaching information.  This video is available to view online.

If you would like to opt out of this educational session. Please fill out this form.    NO Maturation Education Form- click here

**Parents are always welcome to schedule an appointment to view videos and materials in the health office by calling Licensed School Nurse Kimberly Pokrandt Registered Nurse  at 356-8785 or emailing KPokrandt@PineIsland.K12.MN.US