Meet & Confer Meeting February 14, 2019, at 5:00  in the district board room. 

2019 Committees

1. Performance/WBWF: 1 board member, meets once a month at 3:15 (Johnston)

2. People: 1 board member, meets once a month at 7:00 am (E. Miller)

3. Processes 1 board member, meets once a month at 3:30 (A. Miller)

4. Facilities/Activities: 3 board members, meets weekly at 5 pm-2-3 hours is typical (A. Miller,

Hayden, Morrison)

5. Safety Committee: Meets at 7:30 am quarterly (Hayden)

6. Finance: 3 board members, meets quarterly and as needed (Leland, Hayden, Morrison)

7. Community Planning Team: 3 board members, meets the 3rd Wednesday at 7:00 pm (Leland, E. Miller, Warneke)

8. Technology: 1 board member, meets every other month (Johnston)

9. Community Education:1 board member, meets quarterly (E. Miller)

10. Policy: new committee, meets as needed (A. Miller, Leland, Morrison)

11. ZED: 1 board designee (Johnston)

12. District Wellness/PULSE Committee: 1 board member (Johnston)

13. MREA Legislative: (Warneke)

14. Staff Development: meets the first Monday of the month at 3:15 (Warneke)

15. Negotiations: 3 board members, meets as needed with negotiation cycles – upcoming

contract – principals, will begin late spring/early summer (Hayden, Leland, Warneke)

16. WETC: meets the 3rd Thursday every other month at 6 pm, upcoming meeting include

February 16, April 20 (A. Miller, Warneke)

17. Student Rep Committee: meets as needed (Fall, A. Miller, Hayden)

18. MSHSL Rep: may vote a couple of times a year (Warneke)