The Rest of the 2019/2020 School Year 
Good afternoon everyone! Unfortunately it has been quite some time since I have sat down at the computer and posted anything on here. This school year has definitely thrown some curve balls at us, primarily the Covid-19 issue. Needless to say I was pretty sad when I found out my first year as the SRO for the school was being cut short and we wouldn't be returning from spring break to finish out the year. It felt really odd not getting a chance to actually say a proper "goodbye and have a good summer" to our students, especially the seniors that are headed off for new adventures this upcoming fall. From what I heard, it sounds like our students did an awesome job with the distance learning and were able to maintain their grades and attendance. Not to mention the staff and faculty were rockstars with this distance learning program and really pulled it off in what short time they had to prep for it. 

Thankfully I got the chance to attend graduation and got to lead our parade through town and watch our seniors get their diplomas. I have to say our superintendent, principals, and the rest of the staff involved with the planning really put together a graduation ceremony our students, families, and townspeople will not soon forget. Our students had a blast driving the golf carts and the families did a terrific job at enjoying the ceremony while maintaining the social distance restrictions. I wish nothing but the best for our seniors who will be headed off to college, jobs, military, and so on this upcoming fall, it was great getting to watch you all work so hard! 

I plan on posting blogs throughout the summer, so I do hope you all visit my page from time to time to read these. Even though I will not be working from the school over the summer, I still am around Monday through Friday if you have any questions or need to speak with me about anything. 

Thanks all!
Posted by merdman On 03 June, 2020 at 3:04 PM  

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